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The Top Ten Reasons Why Salespeople Get Outsold


Dave Stein,  CEO and Founder, ES Research Group


Recorded: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

(60-Minute Session)





Session Description

Dave Stein maintains that there are three reasons salespeople lose business. First, they haven’t properly qualified the opportunity. Second, they don’t have a formal plan to win. The third reason is that they are simply outsold.

Few salespeople are willing to admit that they have been outsold when they lose a sale. They often play the blame game. "Our price was too high", “We don’t have the XYZ feature.” “Our company is too small.” “I got in there too late."

Based on years of formal and informal research, Dave Stein will discuss his “Top Ten” reasons that salespeople get outsold.
For each of the ten reasons, Dave will provide a strategy for overcoming that weakness.  

Join Dave for this no-nonsense dive into why salespeople lose.



About Dave Stein
Dave Stein is recognized as the world’s leading independent expert on sales training. As a regular columnist for Sales and Marketing Management magazine he provides advice, insight, and direction to sales leaders and their teams.

Dave's blog is widely read by both sales training providers and sales training buyers worldwide.



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