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6 Imperatives for Success at Digital Selling



Mike Kunkle, Sales Transformation Expert 

Dave Stein, Founder, ES Research Group  



Recorded: Thursday, May 15, 2014

(60-Minute Session)




Session Description

It seems as if Social Selling is being talked about everywhere by everyone who is anyone in the world of sales and marketing. Yet, many sales reps haven’t adopted effective methods for selling in our digital age, or worse, are doing damage to their reputations and opportunities by fumbling their way through and alienating prospects in the process.
In this session, Mike will share his thoughts on social selling and his formula for sales success in our digital age.
Join Mike and Dave and you will learn best approaches to:
  • Conduct Research
  • Make a Connection
  • Generate Awareness
  • Create Interest
  • Build Relationships
  • Convert R2R (relationships to revenue)
About Mike Kunkle
Mike is a training and organization effectiveness leader with special expertise in sales force transformation.
After his initial years on the frontline in sales and sales management, he spent the past 19 years as a corporate manager or consultant, leading departments and projects with one purpose – improve sales results.
Today, in his role as Commercial Development Manager for GE Capital’s Equipment Finance platform, Mike uses his in expertise in best-in-class learning strategies, methods, processes, and change leadership to develop the capabilities of sales representatives and sales managers to drive business results.
Mike freely shares his own sales transformation methodology, speaking at conferences and writing online (see and as examples) and can be reached at <mike at mikekunkle dotcom>, through his blog at or on various social media sites.
About Dave Stein
Dave Stein, Founder of ES Research Group, Inc., is recognized as the world’s leading independent expert on sales training. He’s a noted author, columnist for Sales and Marketing Management magazine, Adjunct Professor of Sales Management at the Dublin (Ireland) Institute of Technology, and lectures yearly at Cambridge University’s Judge School of Business. Please visit his blog at 


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