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Session Description

Although it would be nice, having strategic planning sessions for every sales opportunity, especially the low-value ones, is inappropriate. However, those bigger, must-win deals often require more than a sales rep’s standard approach. There are a number of critical components that all must be in place to win those big sales opportunities and the best way to be sure each component is in place and that they are the right components is through a formal deal planning session.

During this one-hour complimentary webinar, Dave Stein, CEO of ES Research Group, Inc., will take you through what’s required to lead a deal strategy session. Dave spent more than a decade as a competitive sales strategist helping companies win deals ranging from a million dollars to over one-hundred million in contract value.
You’ll Learn:
· Advanced qualification techniques that will provide you with data on which to build your sales plan
· How to devise a winning strategy
· How politics, partners, executive-level decision-makers, and military-like competitive strategies all play a part
· The importance of unique business value in winning a large opportunity
· How many deal planning sessions go off track and what to do to prevent that from happening.



About Dave Stein

Dave Stein, CEO and Founder of ES Research Group, Inc., is recognized as the world’s leading independent expert on sales training. His research and advisory firm profiles, evaluates, and compares sales training programs and the companies that provide them. His blog is widely read by both sales training providers and sales training buyers worldwide.

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