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Session Description

There is little question that many sales hiring authorities are taking a new look at this misunderstood, but critical function. They have learned, all too painfully, that their hiring methods of the past don't apply any longer.
•    They've learned that a salesrep with a past record of stellar performance elsewhere will not automatically overachieve for them in the future.
•    They depend less on a person's resume since resume accuracy is declining and social media presence is considerably more revealing
•    They've learned that some candidates are talented enough in the interview process to get hired, but are not actually skilled enough to deliver the numbers once they are aboard.
•    They realize that a misfire in the past--a salesrep who doesn't make it through the first year--has cost them $150k to upwards of $1.5 million including lost business opportunity.
What insightful companies are doing now to assure that they are building a high performing team of winners is applying a process to what they did informally in the past.
During this session we will explore the key components of this process.
Specifically you will:
•    Learn the 6 most common mistakes managers make when hiring salespeople
•    Discover the 15 required components of a pragmatic and proven hiring process
•    Understand how traits, skills, and behaviors differ and how to determine which are required for your open sales position
•    Learn why traditional interviewing techniques don’t work and what does.
•    Understand what 7 danger signs to watch out for during an interview with a candidate
•    Be convinced that predictive testing and simulations are worth the time and money
•    Learn why customized on-boarding plans are a key to sales success.



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About Dave Stein

Dave Stein, CEO and Founder of ES Research Group, Inc., is recognized as the world’s leading independent expert on sales training. His research and advisory firm profiles, evaluates, and compares sales training programs and the companies that provide them. His blog is widely read by both sales training providers and sales training buyers worldwide.