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Session Description

This 7 day program is comprised of a live webinar and 7 day follow up course designed to help you sell value and avoid price objections.

How You Will Benefit

• Identify "true" client value
• Successfully bridge the value drivers and benefits
• Win the confidence of more prospects
• Use techniques to manage customer relationships
• Develop a plan to use your new skills


What You Will Learn


• Specific questions to use to define each client's value and gaining greater understanding of their decision making process.                   

• A specific questioning progression model guaranteed to position you to win each prospect's business.

• Why you NEVER respond to a price objection with price.

• How to uncover "true" client value.

• How to understand what benefits to deliver to the customer. Specific questioning techniques that prompt the customer to tell you their value drivers and position you deliver benefits to help offset price concessions

• What specific relationship building methods will stall a customer from even asking for a price concession.
• How to make sure you are well prepared when price objections occur.
• Three GREAT questions to ask that help offset ever getting a price objection from the same client again.


About Tim Hagen

Tim Hagen, Author of "Quit Managing and Start Coaching" as well as the Progress Coaching Training System, will teach this informative webinar. Tim has been teaching managers from small to fortune 500 companies how to coach their sales people to greater performance. The webinar will be filled with specific strategies and techniques to help you drive your sales team's performance and sales immediately!