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Session Description

Most managers know how to tell people how to handle price objections but coaching is about asking questions and helping the employee see where they are struggling with price objections. Sales coaching helps build performance improvement which leads to better selling success for those who are not achieving levels they would like.

In this session, we will cover...

  • Why Handling Price Objections is critical to a sales person's success
  • 3 Common Pitfalls All sales People Must Avoid When Dealing with Price
  • How to Build Skill Development into Your Sales Meetings to Handle Price Objections
  • The # 1 Thing All Sales People Must Avoid or They Will Always Lower Price
  • 4 Things Every Sales Leader Can Do to Build Revenue and Margins when Dealing with Price with their sales team 



About Tim Hagen

Tim Hagen, Author of "Quit Managing and Start Coaching" as well as the Progress Coaching Training System, will teach this informative webinar. Tim has been teaching managers from small to fortune 500 companies how to coach their sales people to greater performance. The webinar will be filled with specific strategies and techniques to help you drive your sales team's performance and sales immediately!



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