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    7 Creative Strategies to make Sales Role-Playing Practice Fun and Productive



Tim Hagen, Training Reinforcement & Coaching Leader, Sales Progress


Recorded: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(60-Minute Session)





Session Description

Sales people hate to role-play. I hear all the time, but what if there were a way to get your sales team practicing consistently ultimately driving performance and revenue up? This webinar will teach 7 strategies you can deploy to drive greater acceptance of practice sessions and skill development.

During this webinar learn how to:
  • How to use score sheets to identify specific skill gaps and what to do about it
  • How to facilitate practice session even without a manager present
  • Why sales people hate to role-play and one thing you can easily do to get them loving it!
  • How sales practice sessions drive confidence and revenue
  • And much more


About Tim Hagen

Tim Hagen has been in the consulting industry for more than 15 years and currently is CEO of Sales Progress LLC and Training Reinforcement Partners. Specializing in employee coaching and training reinforcement, his services focus on sustainable employee development and growth, leading to increased return on employee training investments. Hagen’s Progress Coaching system has been implemented in a variety of organizations, including Fortune 50 companies, small technology companies, publicly traded manufacturing firms, and professional sports teams.



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